Create and communicate with VIP Customers to deliver profits to your business

VIP customers are the backbone of your business.

They are your most loyal and consistent customers. They spend more and buy more often than other customers. They are brand ambassadors and are brand loyal. Most importantly they are a critically important source of word of mouth advertising. In short, VIP customers are the foundation of your profits.

Identifying and Communicating with VIP Customers

Creating a VIP Customer program doesn’t have to be expensive or time intensive.  As a matter of fact, Deliver Profits can show you an incredibly affordable, effective way to create and communicate with your VIP customers.

Deliver Profits has a way for you to:

  • communicate with your VIP customers in less than 10 minutes.
  • allows your VIP customers could respond to this message within 5 minutes.
  • these messages between you and your customers are private and confidential.
  • easily segment your VIP Customers into categories
  • communicate instantly with 1000 of your VIP customers for less than $50.

A VIP Customer Communication Program can make your  VIP customers not only feel special, but to then act in way that add profits to your business.

With a VIP Customer Communication Program, you can:

  • Offer exclusive discounts for VIP customers
  • Open sales early to VIP customers
  • Give birthday gifts and/or discounts to VIP customers
  • Introduce new products and services early to VIP customers.

Best of all, when you let customers know about the benefits of being included in your VIP program,  many more customers will strive for VIP status.

Deliver Profits make creating a VIP Customer Communication program surprisingly affordable and surprisingly easy to use.   Contact us to schedule your free consultation to see if creating a VIP Customer Communication program will deliver profits to your business.