Push Button Profits

It’s every business owner’s dream – a marketing magic button.  The elusive Marketing Magic Button is:

  • easy to use
  • reaches most if not all of your customers
  • provides immediate results
  • creates brand loyalty
  • increases foot traffic
  • increases visits per month per customer

Is this an impossible quest?  Is it possible to create a Marketing Magic Button?   Find out when you sign up for our email marketing newsletter!


marketing magic button

Pretenders to the throne

Over the years, many people have falsely  heralded the arrival of the Marketing Magic Button.  Every time a new technology began to gain traction, there were those who proclaimed that this new technology was the beginning of the Marketing Magic Button.

A long time ago, when blogs first became popular, they were heralded as the up and coming Marketing Magic Button.  Business blogging is a GREAT tool for promoting your business, but it falls short of many of our Marketing Magic Button criteria.   While blogs were certainly easier to use than traditionally coded websites, that’s where their claim to the throne ends.   They share many of the disadvantages of traditional websites.  The most glaring is getting people to FIND and VISIT your website.  Once upon a time, you could reasonably expect to reach the first page of a search engine result.  Today, SEM (reaching that first page by paying to be there) and SEO (reaching that first page organically – without paying) have reached a competitive level of blood sport. Getting customers to visit your website is difficult if you don’t have an unfair online advantage.

So websites and blogs aren’t the answer to creating a Marketing Magic Button.  Shortly after blogs,  Facebook burst onto the scene.   Suddenly Facebook was supposed to be your marketing magic button.  In the early days, it was a great way to communicate with your customers. Then, Facebook began changing the rules.   Over time it became harder to use Facebook to communicate freely with your customers.  Unfortunately, there was nothing you could do about it because of the GOLDEN RULE.  Facebook has the gold – therefore they get to make the rules.

Other social media sites each had their time in the sun as those in the know proclaimed that [insert new site here] was the answer to the Marketing Magic Button.   Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn were each heralded as the new Marketing Magic Button.  In every instance, the buzz died as quickly as it had risen.  It turns out, the problem with each of these social media sites is penetration.   Remember, our Marketing Magic Button needs to reach most if not all of our customers.  According to a 2016 Pew Internet Research report

 Nearly eight-in-ten online Americans1 (79%) now use Facebook, more than double the share that uses Twitter (24%), Pinterest (31%), Instagram (32%) or LinkedIn (29%).

Remember, one of the primary criteria for our Marketing Magic Button is it needs to reach most if not all of your customers.

These Two Beat Facebook

There are two technologies that beat Facebook in reach.

The first is email.  According to the Inbox Report 89% of adults check their email daily.   That’s the kind of reach our Marketing Magic Button needs to be effective.

The other technology that beats Facebook is cell phones.  Pew Research reports that 91% of adults in the US have a cell phones.

While neither of these two technologies is as “sexy” as the latest, greatest social media site or app, both have the penetration (a.k.a. reach) we need to create a truly effective Marketing Magic Button.

Measurable Results

Measuring your marketing is critically important.  There was a time when measurement was nearly impossible.  John Wannamaker, the “inventor” of the department store once said, “I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted.  The problem is, I don’t know which half.”  Back in the 1880’s, measurement was much more difficult than it is today.  Heck, Mad Men’s Don Draper wasn’t able to measure the impact of his marketing campaigns with the precision possible today.


If you're not measuring, you're not marketingTechnology has made marketing measurement possible.  Unfortunately, measurement is still difficult with most methods of marketing.    In order to measure your marketing, you have to carefully craft a campaign with measurement in mind.   This adds several layers of complexity to even the most basic campaigns.  As a result, most business owners don’t worry about measuring their marketing.

That’s part of the “magic” in the Marketing Magic Button.  Our Marketing Magic Button needs to achieve immediate measurable results without all the extra work.  Since it’s push button easy, we can even use this Marketing Magic Button to help measure the performance of our other marketing and advertising.

If you’re a business owner interested in increasing foot traffic while creating brand loyalty, you owe it to yourself to learn more about our Marketing Magic Button.

We’re calling it a Marketing Magic Button – but full disclaimer,  it’s not Magic nor is it a Button.

This marketing tools provides IMMEDIATE measurable results.  When compared to almost every other kind of advertising, immediate measurable results kind of feels like MAGIC.

With something this effective and powerful, you’d expect it to be difficult to use.  That’s why we’re calling this a BUTTON – because this marketing tool is literally push button easy to use.  It’s software – just like email is software.  If you can compose an email and if you can read a text, then you can put this powerful marketing tool to work for your business.

Another reason we’re calling it a BUTTON is not only are buttons easy to use, but they’re affordable.  While you might expect a marketing tool that is this powerful and this easy to be crazy expensive, it’s not.  It’s downright affordable for ANY business owner, and not in a “you’ll be able to afford to pay for this once it’s up and running” way.  For less than $200 a month, you can put this incredibly effective, easy to use marketing system to work for your business.

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