If you’re like most, you have a love/hate relationship with digital marketing.  You know that digital marketing can quickly and reliably get your business in front of prospective customers but you don’t know where to start.  You don’t want to invest time and money in outdated methods that no longer work – and there seems to be more methods that don’t work than do when it comes to digital marketing.

Good news!  Advanced Optimization Technology (AOT) offers a revolutionary breakthrough in search technology.

advanced optimization

Until recently, there were only two ways to get a business in front of consumers searching online: SEO and SEM.

Traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves making changes to a website so it will be featured on the first page of a keyword search result.  Since business owners can’t pay to be listed here, this was once a very lucrative form of “free” advertising.  Competition has become so fierce for a position on the first page of a keyword search result that it takes highly skilled professionals to get your page listed there.

The reason competition for the first page is so fierce is this: 94% of users never click beyond the first page. That makes SEO a winner take all game.  If a website isn’t on the first page of a keyword search, it won’t be seen by 94% of search users.

SEO can takes months to fully implement with the best firms charging tens of thousands of dollars per month for their services. On competitive keywords, even the best SEO team might never get you to the first page of a keyword search result.  As a matter of fact, competition for the valuable first page online real estate is so fierce that reputable SEO firms offer no guarantee of success.

There’s a harsh new reality with which many SEO professionals are struggling.  Search is changing.  The tried and true recipes that once worked well are failing to deliver results.   A well respected icon in SEO recently said,

“In competitive markets, brand awareness has replaced relevancy as a core driver of rankings.”

If you’re not an SEO professional, you can’t appreciate the gravity of this statement.  This is like a scientist saying that “arsenic has replaced oxygen in the atmosphere.”

SEO professionals are now counting on the fact that business owners really don’t have any other option to get their business seen online.  (Remember, 94% of consumers never click beyond the first page of a keyword search result.)  So even though the prospect of delivering an organic first page SERP result is bleak, they’ll still continue to try on behalf of their clients.  After all, SEO firms are paid for their efforts – not on their results.

The other option available to you to get your website in front of prospective customers is SEM – Search Engine Marketing. This is where you compete with other business and bid on how much you’re willing to pay every time someone clicks on your ad.  Some keywords now boast a CPC (cost per click) rate of over $135.  This isn’t paid every time the visitors buys – this fee is paid every time someone CLICKS on an ad.

Frustration with SEO and PPC has driven many digital marketers to the supposedly greener pastures of social media. Many have found that social media marketing is even more frustrating. A study by BrightEdge reports that organic search drives 51% of online traffic, while paid search only drives 10% and social media drives a mere 5% of online traffic. That 5% figure is for ALL social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and others.  That explains why it’s so hard to for your customers to see significant return on their digital marketing investment in social media.n

We’ve got a revolutionary new way to elevate your  online visibility.  This revolutionary new technology is your opportunity to increase sales, dominate your market and deliver profits.

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